How To Help

Quest Youth is a Gospel-centered ministry dedicated to mentoring and discipling students in Miami in order to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. We currently consist of a team of Tyler Cooney, the Youth Director, and 9 volunteer leaders who mentor and serve 11 to 18 year olds who need big brother/big sister figure to help navigate the sometimes-treacherous waters of being a teenager.

The main goal of quest is to provide youth in Miami of all ages and home situations with an outlet to be themselves, grow, and to learn about who they are. In the past year, we have seen over 100 kids walk through our doors, and we have helped kids in their struggle with many unique and special situations. Almost every student we have at Quest tells us at some point that they’ve never experienced such a special, “familial” atmosphere as they have with Quest. We strive to form a community that is much different from the majority of social settings our youth find at school: one that is loving, diverse, safe, encouraging, and deep. For many of our kids, Quest is their one outlet to feel like they belong.

As currently constructed, CBMS supports the ministry efforts of Quest and part of Tyler’s salary. However, the church is not currently able to provide full support and has enabled Tyler to fundraise so he can dedicate himself full time to serving  youth and young adults in the Miami Springs neighborhood and surrounding areas. Thus, the leadership at Crossbridge Church Miami Springs has established what we call a 500/200 campaign, where we are seeking 500 partners in the next two years to donate just $200, all of which go directly to the ministry efforts of Quest Youth Ministry. Here is what each partner’s $200 would contribute to:

  • Providing a part-time salary for Tyler to dedicate himself full-time to working with youth and young adults.
  • Sending at least 25 kids that cannot afford the cost to camp each of the next two years, along with the volunteer leaders who give up a week of their jobs to serve.
  • Hiring two part-time interns as apart of our new internship residency program.
  • The expenses of the ministry, including mentorship lunches and supplies.
  • Redesigning and renovating two rooms in the church to serve as Quest rooms.

Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Pray for our efforts. We need everyone on our side, and prayers or good thoughts/vibes for our cause is a great encouragement and, we believe, a real practical help.
  2. Let others know. To really help these kids, we need to get the word out. If you know someone who would be interesting in helping kids in Miami, from close or afar, please spread the word and this message!
  3. Take part in our 500/200 campaign. You can either give $200 as a one-time donation or give just $20 of your monthly earnings for just the next 10 months. This covers 2 years world of ministry! Of course, if you feel led to give more or less, we humbly and gratefully accept your generous gift. Go to and click “Quest” in the discretionary funds box to give!